Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 17, 2016: Save Yourself

Well, my wish to get off of food stamps came sooner than I thought!  Boom, they took them away.  It is almost a relief to have them gone.  It just means I have to make more art, work harder at selling my art... and be able to pay for all the food!  Nothing like a drastic need for food to motivate you!

With that said, I did pretty well at selling my work this weekend at my show at the Queen's Head on Saturday night.  So, BOOM, grocery money.  The Indie Market on Sunday was slow so that was kind of a downer.  I'm not sure how we can get people to continue to come to markets during the summer months.  I know I don't like sweating.  But there has to be some kind of gimmick... free ice cubes with art purchase??  Maybe free mojito with art purchase??

Saturday night and Sunday, my daughter, Crumbcake #3 watched my two year old.  So that's how I swung all those engagements and hours of work.  It was an exhausting weekend and every baby that i saw or every little boy toddling around made me lonely for my crumbcakes.  Over the course of Sunday my breasts filled up with milk and was wondering where my little relief monster was hiding out.  Thankfully, my older cakes do a great job at watching the little man and I don't have to worry too much about him.  I think it's too difficult to take him with me to market days.  He would want to be held all day or run around and neither one of those is a good option for me.  So as much as he is around me when I am making art... he's usually not with me when I am selling it.

I am working on a large canvas painting right now and it's set up in the living room.  I love the way it's developing.  There are hidden images and themes and I think it holds a lot of worries and thoughts of mine.  The general theme of the paining is, "Save Yourself."  But the bees, the oceans, our girls, etc... cannot save themselves.  As much as it would be nice if everything could self correct, save itself from harm, death, extinction... obviously it can't.  We are a sturdy ecosystem on this earth... but can we weather pollution, plastics, terrorism, and the general depressive state that most people embrace?

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