Wednesday, September 14, 2016


As an artist, if you are lucky enough, you get a chance to show your work with a gallery.  You work for six months--to a year or more to prepare for a show.  And then when the time comes... you go to the opening, you talk about the work... you're dressed up, you be as deep as you can talking about your work--because it means something to you--because you are passionate.  You have painted your life and others are taking selfies with it.  You feel a little uncomfortable because you are so raw... even if no one else sees it for what it is... And everyone will tell you how great it is and how awesome you are--if you are lucky.  

And you might not sell a thing.

You worked for six months and didn't sell a thing.  I didn't sell a thing.

So did you work for nothing?

Can one eat accolades and instagram tags?

And I knew I wouldn't sell anything--I knew that going in.  Because people don't buy work like mine in St. Petersburg, FL.  It's a horrible market.